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NR 14-27 Columbia Generating Station marks 30 years of public power generation

NR 14-26 Energy Northwest files motion to intervene in activist action

NR 14-25 Columbia Generating Station sets personal best for longest generation run

NR 14-24 EN, BPA Launch Demand Response Pilot Project

NR 14-22 Energy Northwest garners over $23.5M for ratepayers in settlement with Department of Energy

NR 14-21 Columbia Generating Station sets new generation record

NR 14-20 Energy Northwest employees raise $30k for March of Dimes

NR 14-19 Energy Northwest to Provide O&M Services at Tieton Dam Hydroelectric Project

NR 14-18 Dave Remington Elected Assistant Secretary of Energy Northwest Executive Board

NR 14-17 Benton PUD Commissioner Re-elected Secretary of Energy Northwest Executive Board

NR 14-16 Jack Janda Re-elected Vice Chair of Executive Board

NR 14-15 Sid Morrison Re-elected as Executive Board Chair

NR 14-14 Officers Elected to Energy Northwest Executive Board

NR 14-13 Energy Northwest Pays Privilege Tax Today

NR 14-12 Energy Northwest Employees Honored by AWB

NR 14-11 Energy Northwest Receives Media Award

NR 14-10 William 'Skip' Orser reappointed to Energy Northwest Executive Board

NR 14-09 Linda Gott elected to EN EB

NR 14-08 Kathy Vaughn re-elected to EN EB

NR 14-07 Will Purser re-elected to EN EB

NR 14-06 Lori Sanders re-elected to EN EB

NR 14-05 Jack Janda re-elected to EN Exec Board

NR 14-04 Court awards EN costs of used fuel storage

NR 14-03 Siren Test Scheduled for Wednesday

NR 14-02 Energy Northwest Testimony Supports SSB 5991

NR 14-01 Energy Northwest Receives Safety Award




MA 13-05 Santa comes early for Tri-City kids

NR 13-23 NuScale SMR Initiative Moves Forward

MA 13-04 Energy Northwest adds "Regional Value" page to website

NR 13-22 Mike Jones Appointed EN Board of Directors

NR 13-21 Governor appoints James P. Moss to Energy Northwest Executive Board

NR 13-20 Energy Northwest: 10 Million Hours of Safe Work

MA 13-03 Energy Northwest adds "seismic safety" page to newly-launched energy education website

NR 13-19 Governor, Energy Northwest Support Nuclear Science Week

NR 13-18 Energy Northwest Supports Public Power Week

NR 13-17 Siren Tests Scheduled for Wednesday

NR 13-16 Energy Northwest, CBC Honor Students Who Go Above and Beyond in Nuclear Training

NR 13-15 Governor Re-appoints Remington to Energy Northwest Executive Board

NR 13-14 Energy Northwest Joins Small Modular Reactor Initiative

NR 13-13 Officers Elected to Energy Northwest Executive Board

MA 13-01 Media event: New renewable energy storage technology unveiled at Nine Canyon Wind Project

NR 13-12 Energy Northwest Pays Record Amount of Privilege Taxes Today

NR 13-11 Columbia Generating Station Begins Refueling and Maintenance Outage Saturday

NR 13-10 Sid Morrison Re-elected to Executive Board

NR 13-09 Energy Northwest honored with national award for outstanding safety practices

NR 13-08 Siren tests scheduled for Wednesday

NR 13-07 Commissioner Kathy Vaughn appointed chair of ALF Committee on EN EB

NR 13-06 Marc Daudon elected assistant secretary of EN EB

NR 13-05 Commissioner Lori Sanders elected secretary of EN EB

NR 13-04 Commissioner Bill Gordon elected secretary of EN BOD

NR 13-03 Commissioner Terry Brewer elected vice president of EN BOD

NR 13-02 Commissioner Linda Gott elected president of EN BOD

NR 13-01 Nuclear plant achieves new records













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