Community Engagement


Energy Northwest and its more than 1,000 employees play a major role in the health and welfare of the community. Energy Northwest employees contribute their time as volunteers and provide financial support to numerous organizations in the community.

Benton and Franklin Head Start Program

Since 1980, the EN team has brought holiday cheer to more than 13,000 local children in low-income families, by fulfilling wish lists from children in the Benton and Franklin Head Start program. Employees dressed as Santa and elves have delivered thousands of toys and needed clothing to participating schools.

United Way

The annual United Way campaign raises thousands of dollars each y​ear to help the community provide hot meals to elderly neighbors, provide disaster relief planning for the community, and support youth development programs, including at-risk programs.

Earth Day Projects

​Energy Northwest volunteers raked and spread gravel on the Badger Flats trail, then finished up the activity with a hike to the top of Badger.​

Badger Mountain Vista Sign


Energy Northwest partnered with Friends of Badger Mountain and Benton County Parks to design a points of interest sign atop Badger Mountain. The sign, which was installed on the trail in October 2021, gives a brief history of landmarks visible on the horizon when looking northwest from the top of Badger Mountain, including Columbia Generating Station.​​

Photo: Energy Northwest staff member with a student

Kids Engineering Day

Volunteers plan and take part in the annual community event attended by more than 300 elementary school children and their parents. Through hands-on activities, EN team members show their passion for the science, technology, engineering and math curriculum.

The Energy Experience

Energy Northwest and its employees are committed to inspiring and supporting the next generation of workers who will develop the energy technologies of tomorrow. Energy Northwest and local energy partners host the annual Energy Experience, a field trip to the REACH Museum for middle school students to learn about the different forms of energy generation, conservation and options for careers. More than 600 students and teachers attend the event as part of Public Power Week in October.

Nuclear Science Week

Since October 2014, Washington state has celebrated all things nuclear during nuclear science week. Energy Northwest employees visit local schools and speak to students about the importance of nuclear science technologies in the U.S. and around the globe.

Columbia Fountain

In collaboration with the REACH Museum in Richland, EN repurposed a mock nuclear fuel assembly to create a permanent outdoor water fountain educational exhibit for the community. Standing 15 feet tall and weighing approximately 1,500 pounds, the fountain is a representation of the clean, carbon-free power Columbia Generating Station brings to the region.

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