Operations and Maintenance

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Energy Northwest supports power utilities in the areas of operations and maintenance of generating facilities and electric utility automation.  ​With safety, reliability, and cost consciousness always at the forefront, EN specializes in providing quality hydroelectric and wind O&M services throughout the Northwest. 

Our O&M strategy strives to enhance performance and reduce maintenance costs. It includes day-to-day operations, regular technical inspections, outages, capital projects, and annual preventative maintenance to help ensure optimal performance of the facility. 
​Construction on the Packwood Lake Hydroelectric Project – Energy Northwest’s first electric power project – started in 1962, and operation began in 1964. Located five miles east of Packwood, Wash., in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, it has the capacity to produce 27.5 megawatts of electricity.

During 2014 EN took over operations of the 15-MW Tieton Hydroelectric Project at Rimrock Lake in Yakima County, under contract with the city of Burbank, Calif.

In 2017 Energy Northwest set up operations for the first time in Oregon, taking over operation of two powerhouses on the Bull Run River for the city of Portland. Each about 25 miles southeast of the city, one of the dams was built in 1929 and has a 25-megawatt powerhouse, and the other in 1962 with a 12.5-MW powerhouse. Portland residents receive all of their drinking water from the reservoirs provided by these two dams.

In 2020 EN began operations at Stone Creek Hydroelectric Project, a 12-megawatt hydro project on the Clackamas River approximately 45 miles southeast of Portland, Ore. Th​e facility is owned by the Eugene Water & Electric Board, Oregon's largest customer-owned utility.​

Project Management

The Operations and Maintenance services team can help improve performance and reliability in a variety of areas. They have specialized expertise in a broad range of power generating technologies including hydroelectric, wind, solar, landfill gas, biofuels, combustion turbines, thermal and steam plants. 

Energy Northwest offers industry expertise and excellence in project management. The staff of highly qualified professionals is dedicated to maximizing project efficiencies and effectiveness. 

Operations and Maintenance Services

The Energy Northwest Operations and Maintenance Services team has an excellent record of maximizing operations performance and optimizing maintenance processes in industrial facilities. 

Energy Northwest professionals have more than 30 years’ experience and expertise in generating operations and maintenance energy generating projects. 

As a power plant owner and operator, Energy Northwest understands the challenges of owning, operating and maintaining power plants. Helping clients provide the region with safe, reliable, cost-effective sources of power is a primary team commitment. ​​
Professional and Technical Services

Energy Northwest’s Professional and Technical Services staff offer support services for power plant start-up, operation and maintenance outages. The team delivers consistently outstanding results by focusing on customer needs while maintaining high performance standards. ​

Outage Management

The Operations and Maintenance services team provides project management for small hydroelectric projects during planned and unplanned maintenance outages.​​


Scott Urban
Manager, O&M/Professional Services

 O&M Projects

Tieton Hydroelectric Project
15 megawatts
Rimrock Lake, Yakima County, Washington.​
Operated by EN since 2014​

Portland Hydroelectric Project
37.5 megawatts
Bull Run River, near Portland, Oregon.
Operated by EN since 2017​​

Stone Creek Hydroelectric Project
12 megawatts
Clackamas River near Portland, Oregon.
Operated by EN since 2020​​


Operations and Maintenance Fact Sheet