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Energy Northwest does not authorize nonexempt employees to perform "off the clock" hours of work through such means as accessing email from home. Refer to GBP-IS-19, Section 4.4 for information.

Management Handbook​​​​
This handbook gives you the guidelines and resources to manage and direct your staff to help them accomplish individual and agency goals. It contains much of the information you will need to be successful in your leadership role here at Energy Northwest; it describes the many important programs, processes and resources available to you. Click on the graphic to download the handbook.

The Excellence Model Handbook
The Excellence Model Handbook gives you the tools to lead your workers effectively in a time tested and proven manner. Becoming familiar with this book and its principles will aide you in providing the right coaching at the right time to continue our efforts in seeking excellence in our daily operations. Please keep these thoughts in mind and in use every day as we operate our nuclear facilities in a safe, reliable and predictable manner. Click on the graphic to download the handbook.

Standards Handbook​​​
The general information contained in this handbook is for use at all Energy Northwest facilities. This handbook is designed as a quick information guide for the Industrial Safety Program Manual (ISPM) requirements, human performance behaviors and other Energy Northwest standards. Use this handbook to familiarize yourself with these standards. Click on the graphic to download the handbook.​​​​

2030 Strategic Plan 

The 2030 Strategic Plan provides details surrounding the agency’s strategic outcomes, goals, me​asures and high-level initiatives. Click on the graphic to download the strategic plan.

INPO: Traits of a Healthy Nuclear Safety Culture
This Pocket Guide is based on INPO 12-012, Traits of a Healthy Nuclear Safety Culture, Revision 1 (April 2013). Click on the graphic to download the INPO 12-012 document.

Weather Delays
Under extremely severe environmental conditions, senior leadership may decide to delay start times, authorize early release or cancel shifts. To find out if there is a delay due to weather for all Energy Northwest locations in the Tri-Cities, listen to Cherry Creek radio stations, KONA 610 AM and 105.3 FM.