Leaders & Staff


 Executive Board


​Energy Northwest operations are overseen by an
11-member executive board comprising five member utility representatives, three gubernatorial appointees, and three public sector representatives selected by the board of directors.

The CEO is selected by and reports to the executive board.

The executive board meets monthly.


 Board of Directors


​Energy Northwest's Board of Directors currently has 27 members, representing the 22 public utility districts and five municipal utilities that make up Energy Northwest. The board of directors has the authority to authorize new generation projects and terminate existing ones. It elects five members from its own membership and appoints three outside directors to the Energy Northwest Executive Board.​


 Participants Review Board


The Participants Review Board (PRB) represents the 92 utilities participating in Columbia Generating Station.  This nine-member board reviews all Columbia purchases over $500,000, nuclear construction and Columbia annual budgets, fuel management plans and plans for refinancing.


 Senior Leadership Team


​Energy Northwest’s senior leaders are led by CEO Brad Sawatzke. Reporting directly to the CEO are the Corporate Services, Generation and Corporate Governance organizations. Nuclear Operations and Nuclear Engineering report to the Chief Nuclear Officer. Energy Services & Development reports to Corporate Services.


 Public Affairs


Public Affairs is your source for information about Energy Northwest.