Member Information

Energy Northwest is a joint operating agency formed under Washington’s JOA law. The agency functions as a municipal corporation to provide at-cost electricity to Northwest utilities.

The agency’s members actively participate in the agency’s decision-making process, including the approval of new energy-related projects and the termination of existing projects.

Member representatives make up the board of directors and fill five seats on the 11-member executive board. The board of directors also appoints three outside members to serve on the executive board.


 Public Power Forum

​Energy Northwest's annual public power forum is an opportunity for public power member utilities to congregate and listen to speakers on regional and national energy events and issues and discuss solutions to key challenges.
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 Membership benefits


Utility membership in Energy Northwest offers:

  • Opportunity to shape the future of Energy Northwest and regional power supply solutions 

  • Options to participate in new generating projects before non-member utilities

  • Consultation with highly experienced Energy Northwest professionals on utility, energy and engineering issues

  • Contractual assistance, and operations and maintenance, for longer-term support on issues facing member utilities 

  • Involvement in new energy technology demonstration projects at little to no cost or risk for the utility 

  • Special industry training and event participation opportunities

  • Free membership in the Nuclear Energy Institute 

  • Networking with other member utilities and industry contacts

  • Membership in Energy Northwest is free. Members do not pay a registration fee or dues.


 Who can join?

​Public utility districts and municipalities providing electric-service within the state of Washington.

 How to become an Energy Northwest member

The applicant utility’s board of commissioners adopts a resolution seeking to be admitted as a member of Energy Northwest. The utility sends copies of the signed resolution along with a letter to the president of the Energy Northwest Board of Directors. (Energy Northwest can provide samples of the resolution and the letter.) The Energy Northwest Board of Directors will consider the application at its next scheduled quarterly meeting, held in January, April, July and October of each year.

 Member testimonials

“Energy Northwest allows Asotin County PUD to stay engaged with the regional power supply issues. Energy Northwest has also proven to be a resource to Asotin County PUD for technical issues given their broad expertise on project developments in nuclear power, solar power and wind power.”
Judy Ridge, Commissioner, Asotin County PUD
“Energy Northwest has been a knowledgeable partner that brings tremendous value ... Their representatives have an extensive background in the process for siting wind power projects that benefit the partners.”
Doug Miller, General Manager, Pacific County PUD 2

​For additional information please contact:

Jason Herbert
Member Communication Lead