Diverse Energy Sources

​​Energy Northwest recognizes the challenges facing the energy sector today. As providers of power generation, we understand the critical importance of maintaining a balanced electric grid in an era of escalating energy demands and pressing climate concerns. Our commitment to embracing diverse energy sources lies at the heart of our mission to provide our public power members and regional customers with safe, reliable, cost-effective, responsible power generation and innovative energy and business solutions. 

By operating a mix of energy sources, including hydroelectric, nuclear, solar, wind, and battery storage, we not only ensure grid stability but also mitigate the risks associated with overdependence on any single source. 

Energy Northwest remains at the forefront of technological innovation. While we recognize the challenges posed by the intermittency of renewable sources, we are actively investing in advancements such as battery energy storage and smart grid systems. These technologies offer solutions to bridge the gap between supply and demand, enhancing the reliability of our energy infrastructure.​ Energy Northwest has dedicated nearly a decade to studying small modular reactor technology for potential deployment of new fulltime energy sources to help the region meet its clean energy requirements. 

Our diverse energy portfolio reflects our commitment to meeting the energy needs of today and our dedication to a clean energy future.