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Energy Northwest leases office and laboratory space at its Richland, Wash., office complex, the Applied Process Engineering Laboratory. Leasing available space to eligible parties lowers the operating costs of existing Energy Northwest operations.

Energy Northwest Office Complex

Energy Northwest’s office complex is located at 3000 George Washington Way in Richland, Wash. The facility houses Energy Northwest staff and several tenant organizations.

Applied Process Engineering Laboratory (APEL)

The Applied Process Engineering Laboratory provides facilities to technology start-up and expanding companies. APEL actively serves the interest of companies developing technologies for environmental assessment, medical treatments and those pursuing renewable and clean energy technologies that complement Energy Northwest, state and federal energy priorities.

APEL was founded by a consortium of community stakeholders, including Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Port of Benton, the Department of Energy (DOE), Washington State University (WSU), the City of Richland and the Tri-City Development Council.

Services at APEL include broadband, LAN, water, compressed air, power (up to 480V), exhaust air, wastewater discharge, and vacuum. APEL holds permits allowing tenants to use permitted effluent systems and flammable storage instead of working with the regulators in conducting development work.

APEL tenants include anchor tenant Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), and ISORAY Medical. Other tenants include Environmental Assessment Services (EAS), Freestone Environmental, AGNEMA, AGPW, CoAnn Technologies, and Energy Northwest’s Environmental Services Laboratory.

Located in north Richland near PNNL and WSU-Tri-City, APEL is part of the Tri-Cities Research District, a Washington state innovation partnership zone. The TCRD is a non-profit, public-private initiative to create a collaborative campus to drive innovative technology research and development on to commercialization in clean and renewable energy, energy storage and biosciences.

Corporate Development Center Site Sheet

APEL Site Sheet - PDF Format


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