Energy Projects

Energy Northwest Energy Projetsc

​​​​​Energy Northwest is a joint operating agency formed by the Washington state legislature in 1957, representing the convergence of small and big public power. 

Our consortium of 28​ public utility districts and municipalities across Washington takes advantage of economies of scale and shared services to boost efficiency and effectiveness, all to the greater cost benefit of more than 1.5 million public power customers.​

The agency further improves quality of life throughout the Northwest through the generation of clean, reliable electricity from nuclear, wind, hydro and solar projects.

Learn more about our carbon-free generation projects: 

Columbia Generating Station

A boiling water reactor, the plant uses nuclear fission to heat water into high pressure steam.

Nine Canyon Wind Project

When built, Nine Canyon Wind Project was one of the largest public-owned wind projects in the nation.

Packwood Lake Hydroelectric Project

The facility was Energy Northwest's first electric power generation project.

​White Bluffs Solar Station

White Bluffs Solar Station began operation in 2002.

Horn Rapids Solar, Storage & Training Project

This facility combines solar generation with battery storage and technician training.​​​​​​​​​​

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