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​Welcome to Energy Northwest

Congratulations on your new position! We are excited that you have chosen to join the Energy Northwest team and hope that you will enjoy a long and rewarding career here.

This section is designed to provide you with information to help you prepare and acclimate into your new position. We have provided links to important and helpful information for you as you prepare for the transition.

Please read all the information carefully and contact your Human Resources Generalist if you have any questions or concerns. We want to do everything possible to ensure that you have a welcoming and positive new hire experience.

Welcome Message - Energy Northwest CEO Mark Reddemann​

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 Preparing for Your First Day


 Required Personal History Questionnaire Form


 Required New Hire Forms


​On your first day, you will attend Onboarding where you will turn in or complete the required new hire forms. You will also meet with our Benefits representative who will go over employee benefits and answer any questions you may have. Please follow instructions and complete all required forms as much as possible and bring them with you on your first day.   

Important supporting documentation to bring with you on your first day for the Electronic Funds Transfer and I-9 forms

Documentation for electronic funds transfer
(direct deposit)

Direct Deposit of your paycheck is required.  You will have the choice to have your paycheck directly deposited into your checking or savings account (you have to be on the account in order to use direct deposit).

Please bring the following documentation on your first day to avoid a delay in issuing your paycheck:

  • Checking Account – Bring voided check
  • Savings Account – Bring a print-out form from your bank or take our
    savings deposit form to your bank for completion for the Savings option

We can also accept an Auto Deposit Form, if your bank provides them to you. This form must include: your name, type of account (checking/savings), your account number, and bank routing number.

Please note that you may change your account choice at any time in the future by completing another form and providing it to Payroll.

Documentation for your eligibility to work in the US

Federal I-9 Form

Please review the list of acceptable documents. Please bring either one item from List A, OR one item each from List B and C.

Due to regulatory requirements, we can only accept an original Social Security Card (not laminated) or any expired documents.  If your card is laminated, please bring a different form of identification from List C or request a new Social Security Card and bring in the notice you receive from the Social Security Administration stating a new card has been requested.

We use the Federal E-Verify system which requires the I-9 information to be entered into their system within the first three days of hire. Therefore, it is very important that the required documents are brought with you on your first day in order for Human Resources to conduct verification and fulfill the
E-Verify requirements. 


 Required Employee Benefits Forms



Temporary ​Employee benefits information


Temporary employees may be eligible for Pension and/or Medical Insurance.  Please review the 2017 Temporary employee benefits summary for more details about the programs and eligibility requirements.  


Regular ​Employee benefits information


Please review the 2017 Benefits Summary Booklet which provides an overview of our benefit options and the cost structure. For your convenience, near the bottom of this page, we have also provided medical, dental and vision comparison sheets that will assist you with your decisions.


Please review and complete these forms as much as possible. Then, bring them with you on your first day. A Benefits representative will meet with you to provide more information and to answer any questions you may have about your benefit selections.


Public employees retirement system forms


Energy Northwest employees are required to participate in the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) pension plan ( Please review the PERS Choice Booklet for detailed information regarding the two available plans, PERS 2 and PERS 3. You are allowed up to 90 days to choose your pension plan. A Benefits representative will meet with you to provide more information and to answer any questions you may have.


Required on first day:


Required within 90 days of hire:


Additional benefits information


 Computer-Based Training Manuals for Required Training


 Arrival Instructions


 Outage Arrival Instructions


 Helpful Information


 Health and Wellness


 Get Involved


 For New Managers and Supervisors


 Tuition Reimbursement Program