Energy 101

Energy 101

​​​​​​​​Energy touches virtually every part of daily life in the modern world. Historically, demand for energy has grown with population increases, industrialization and other major human events. World population more than tripled between 1850 and 1970, with total energy use increasing more than 12-fold over the same period.

In 21st century America, energy demand is growing at a rate approximately equivalent to the rate of economic growth.

The cost of energy plays a significant role in energy consumption and, therefore, demand. Cheap, abundant energy has historically helped fuel economic growth. Increasing energy costs tend to suppress economic activity and reduce energy consumption by individuals.

Electricity produced at power plants is distributed on large interconnected networks of transmission lines, or grids.

Reliable, affordable, environmentally responsible electric power is essential to Washington state and our nation's economic well-being. Energy Northwest produces electricity at its nuclear, wind, solar and hydropower generating facilities by converting various forms of energy into electricity.

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