Energy 101

​Click on the links below to learn more about power generation, conservation and the future of U.S. energy.


Electricity Generation

Energy Northwest produces electricity at its nuclear, wind, solar and hydropower generating facilities by converting various forms of energy into electricity.


Electricity Transmission

Electricity produced at power plants is distributed on large interconnected networks of transmission lines, or grids. Click here to learn more about transmission.


Diverse Energy Sources

Despite the importance of energy to every aspect of our lives, many people are not acquainted with the knowledge necessary to make informed energy decisions. Review this section to learn about a diverse mix of energy generation resources.


Energy Conservation

Energy conservation is undeniably the cleanest, fastest, cheapest and best way to offset new power demand. Learn more about conservation and ways individuals can help conserve energy.


Energy in the U.S.

Reliable, affordable, environmentally responsible electric power is essential to Washington state and our nation's economic well-being.