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CNO recognized for life-saving efforts

Feature story

​​During Energy Northwest’s April 27 board meetings, members took a moment away from the traditional agenda to express gratitude that one of their own was still with them, and say thank you to the man who likely saved his life.

Grover Hettel, chief nuclear officer, (pictured above, left) received the CEO Lifesaving Award from CEO Bob Schuetz in recognition of actions taken to assist Participants Review Board member and Franklin PUD Commissioner Stu Nelson during a choking incident in January.

During a joint board meeting in January in Pasco, Nelson found he had something stuck in his throat at lunch. He quietly removed himself from the table and proceeded to the restroom alone to attempt to dislodge the object on his own. 

Hettel entered the restroom and saw that Nelson was having difficulty breathing. Nelson attempted to speak without luck and pointed to his throat and chest. Hettel asked if Nelson needed help, but he was unable to give a verbal response. Hettel immediately preformed the Heimlich maneuver on Nelson, resulting in the lodged object safely being expelled.

“Because of Grover’s immediate action, Stu is fortunately with us today,” said CEO Bob Schuetz. 

Nelson  attended the award ceremony, and also gave remarks of thanks for Hettel’s actions. 

“I am honored to receive this award,” Hettel said. “I appreciate and am thankful I could help Stu.”

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