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EVCS and Energy Northwest to Receive $14.6 Million Through the Charging and Fueling Infrastructure Discretionary Grant Program

News Release

​The grant will help fund over 50 electric vehicle chargers in Washington and Oregon

Los Angeles, CA - February 6, 2024 -- EVCS, one of the largest electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging network operators on the West Coast, and Energy​ Northwest, a joint operating agency in Washington state, are excited to be the recipients of $14.6 million from the Charging and Fueling Infrastructure (CFI) Discretionary Grant Program by the US Department of Transportation. The recently announced award will fund the development of more than 50 chargers across 12 charging locations, covering over 500 miles along Highway 101 in western Washington and coastal Oregon.

This major initiative will enhance EV charging infrastructure in rural and disadvantaged communities in the US West Coast, including on Indigenous Tribal lands. Highway 101 is known for its rural but heavily traveled tourist area. The new charging sites on Highway 101 will help accelerate EV adoption among local residents and also support EV drivers heading to tourist destinations like the Olympic National Park or the coastal region of Washington and Oregon. A combination of DC Fast and Level 2 chargers will be installed at 10 sites in western Washington and two in northern Oregon.

EVCS, under contract to Energy Northwest, will plan, design, construct, own, and operate the new charging stations across all locations. Consistent with EVCS' leading role as one of the largest public EV fast charging networks on the West Coast, all new chargers will be accessible to the public, with the ability to benefit from EVCS' wide range of customer offerings such as monthly subscription plans.

With the program, Energy Northwest continues its strong partnerships with a wide range of partnering with stakeholders, including businesses and community leaders, to bring EV chargers to their stores or public areas. Energy Northwest will manage the grant funding, leveraging their successful history of collaboration with EVCS on various infrastructure projects.

“The Federal Highway Administration is pleased to announce this $14.6 million grant to Washington and Oregon that will bring over 50 electric vehicle chargers to rural and disadvantaged communities along the Pacific Northwest," said Federal Highway Administrator Shailen Bhatt. “With over 70% of CFI funding awarded to projects in disadvantaged communities, the Biden-Harris Administration is ensuring America's transition to a clean energy future is an equitable one."

"This initiative reinforces our strong commitment to accelerate and expand access to affordable, reliable, and carbon-free EV charging in the Pacific Northwest," said EVCS CEO Gustavo Occhiuzzo. “EVCS is excited to help Washington and Oregon advance transportation electrification and climate leadership, making e-mobility a reality for more drivers. We thank the US Department of Transportation for the CFI grant, and we are excited to work with Energy Northwest on this major initiative." 

“We are grateful to the Department of Transportation for awarding Energy Northwest $14.6 million in grant funding, which will allow us to make forward, tangible progress toward a cleaner future that relies less on fossil fuels," said Greg Cullen, Energy Northwest Vice President for Energy Services & Development. “Much like our efforts in the energy sector, we are constantly pursuing multiple avenues to support Washington's carbon reduction goals including transportation electrification, which ultimately benefits our members and communities."

About EVCS:

EVCS was founded in 2018 and has quickly become one of the largest and fastest-growing electric vehicle fast charging networks on the U.S. West Coast. EVCS is committed to leading the electric transportation revolution by rapidly expanding access to fast, affordable, reliable, and conveniently located public EV charging. Powered by 100% renewable energy, EVCS is disrupting the mobility industry through a turn-key approach that utilizes public and private funding sources to accelerate the installation of fast-charging stations. EVCS has secured private and public funding to install, own, and operate more than 1000 chargers across over 200 public and private site hosts, including Fortune 500 companies and underrepresented communities. In addition, EVCS offers EV drivers flexible subscription charging plans. This includes unlimited charging plans designed for gig and high-mileage drivers, with significant potential savings. For more information, visit

About Energy Northwest:

Energy Northwest is a Washington state public power joint operating agency and a premier provider of carbon-free electricity. Energy Northwest comprises 28 public power member utilities, serving more than 1.5 million customers, and provides its members and regional customers with safe, reliable, cost-effective, responsible power generation and innovative energy and business solutions. The agency owns and operates hydroelectric, solar, battery storage, wind and the Northwest's only nuclear power facility. Energy Northwest also explores transportation electrification and new generation projects to the benefit of public power. 



Justin Arita

Senior Growth Manager, EVCS


Kelly Rae

Public Affairs, Energy Northwest ​

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