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New EV stations coming to SR-14 along Columbia Gorge

News Release

​​Energy Northwest partners with rural communities to upgrade electric vehicle charging along SR-14

RICHLAND, Wash. –  Energy Northwest is collaborating with the City of Bingen, City of Goldendale and Port of Skamania County and FVRLibraries to strengthen the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure on State Route 14 (SR-14) along the scenic Columbia River Gorge.

This joint initiative aims to address the current gap in the EV charging network by installing new direct current fast chargers in key locations including Bingen, Goldendale and Stevenson. Each of the participating communities were awarded a grant from the Washington State Department of Commerce for the implementation of an EV station.

Energy Northwest will lead the coordination, construction, and installation of the charging stations and will assume ownership of the stations upon completion.

The project addresses the absence of Direct Current (DC) fast charging options along SR-14, a well-traveled route that has seen limited EV infrastructure development. This initiative seeks to fill that void by introducing these much-needed charging stations. Spanning east-west along the north side of the Columbia River, SR-14 offers travelers a scenic alternative to Interstate 84 (I-84) in Oregon.

Each new station will include one DC Fast Charger (DCFC) and additional Level 2 chargers in Goldendale and Stevenson. With strategically placed locations, the project aims to provide a corridor for EV drivers to travel without range anxiety while supporting local tourism and economic growth.

Construction is slated to begin this year, with an anticipated completion date in 2025. The initiative emphasizes Energy Northwest's commitment to helping Washington meet its clean energy and transportation goals in partnership with local communities and government entities.

When the stations are online, they will be available for drivers to find on the PlugShare website and mobile app.                                                                                   

About Energy Northwest                                                                                                    

Energy Northwest is a Washington state public power joint operating agency and a premier provider of carbon-free electricity. Energy Northwest comprises 29 public power member utilities, serving more than 1.5 million customers, and provides its members and regional customers with safe, reliable, cost-effective, responsible power generation and innovative energy and business solutions. The agency owns and operates hydroelectric, solar, battery storage, wind and the Northwest's only nuclear power facility. Energy Northwest also actively supports transportation electrification and new generation projects to the benefit of public power.

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