Officers Elected to Energy Northwest Board of Directors

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Carla Martinez, Public Affairs, 509-372-5156

RICHLAND, Wash. – Public utility leaders from across Washington elected officers to the Energy Northwest Board of Directors this week.

Commissioner Terry Brewer, Grant County Public Utility District, will serve a second term as president; Steve Houston, Okanogan PUD, will serve as vice president; Arie Callaghan, Grays Harbor PUD, will serve as secretary; and Curt Knapp, Pend Oreille PUD, will serve as assistant secretary.

Officers serve a two-year term. The public power agency’s 27-member board of directors represents the 22 public utility districts and five municipal utilities that make up Energy Northwest. The board of directors has sole authority to authorize and terminate projects.

The Energy Northwest consortium, created by the Washington legislature in 1957, takes advantage of economies of scale and shared services that help electric utilities run their operations more efficiently and at lower cost, to the benefit of more than 1.5 million customers.

Grant County PUD commissioners appointed Brewer to the Energy Northwest Board of Directors in 2011, and he has served as a Grant County PUD commissioner since 2006. Brewer has more than 30 years of electric utility experience.

Okanogan County PUD appointed Houston to the EN BOD in 2012, the same year he was elected to serve as an Okanogan County PUD commissioner. During the last 30 years, Houston has worked as an engineer and entrepreneur in the controlled atmosphere industry, the cryogenic air separation industry, and the oil and gas business.

Grays Harbor County PUD commissioners appointed Callaghan to the EN BOD in 2014. He has served as a Grays Harbor PUD commissioner since 2012. Callaghan has more than 25 years of experience with the Mason Trucking company of Aberdeen.

Pend Oreille County PUD commissioners appointed Knapp to the EN BOD in 2011, and has served as a PUD commissioner since 2001. Knapp has more than 25 years in the funeral industry having owned and operated funeral homes in Newport, Wash. and Priest River, Idaho; and he serves as Deputy Coroner in Pend Oreille County.


About Energy Northwest
Energy Northwest develops, owns and operates a diverse mix of electricity generating resources, including hydro, solar and wind projects – and the Northwest’s only nuclear power facility. These projects provide enough reliable, affordable and environmentally respon­sible energy to power more than a million homes each year, and that carbon-free electricity is provided at the cost of generation. As a Washington state, joint action agency, Energy Northwest comprises 27 public power member utilities from across the state serving more than 1.5 million ratepayers. The agency continually explores new generation projects to meet its members’ needs.