Employee Portal

Webmail.jpgEnergy Northwest does not authorize nonexempt employees to perform "off the clock" hours of work through such means as accessing e-mail from home. GBP-IS-19, Section 4.4 states, "nonexempt employees obtain approval before working overtime hours. The company does not expect, nor does it approve of, casual overtime and/or "off the clock" hours of work by nonexempt employees through such practices as accessing e-mail from home."


Delays Due to Weather

Under extremely severe environmental conditions, senior management may decide to delay start times, authorize early release or cancel shifts. To find out if there is a delay due to weather for all Energy Northwest locations in the Tri Cities, listen to Cherry Creek radio stations, KONA 610 AM and 105.3 FM. Announcements will be made prior to the beginning of the affected shift(s). Additionally, an email will be sent to all employees.