Jim Gaston

General Manager, Energy Services & Development

Jim Gaston assumed his duties as general manager of Energy Services and Development July 5, 2014. Prior to this position Jim held the post of controller and asset manager for Energy Northwest and had previously been the manager of business planning. Earlier in his career with Energy Northwest Jim was a licensed senior reactor operator at Columbia Generating Station, and has had significant experience in project management. In 2006, Jim left Energy Northwest to become director of projects for a renewable energy firm in the Midwest, and was subsequently a project manager in renewable energy for Duke and AREVA. Jim started his career with Bechtel Power Corporation in project controls in 1980.


Jim graduated from Washington State University with his Bachelor of Science in construction management.


Energy Northwest is a joint operating agency serving the needs of public power by providing reliable, low-cost electricity while promoting public power activities in the region.  It has received numerous awards and recognition for its hiring of veterans, employee philanthropy and community service.  Energy Northwest was also recognized by the Association of Washington Business as the “2016 Employer of the Year” for its innovative job retention, creation and compensation plans that foster a thriving work environment.