Brent Ridge

Vice President for Corporate Services; Chief Financial Officer
Brent Ridge

Brent Ridge joined Energy Northwest in 2002 and currently holds the position of Vice President, Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer. In this capacity, he is responsible for finance, treasury, enterprise risk management, asset management, human resources, supply chain, information services, and energy services and development which is responsible for the development of innovative energy solutions for utilities and the operation of hydro, wind and solar generation assets.  He is also the Vice Chairman of the Corporate Nuclear Safety Review Board for Columbia Generating Station.

Prior to assuming his current position, Brent was the asset manager, controller and chief risk officer. He was also the manager of Construction and Maintenance Services, responsible for nuclear plant modifications, outage and on-line major maintenance, facilities and commercial engineering.

Before joining Energy Northwest, Brent was a manager for a construction company specializing in municipal water treatment plants, and industrial installations at U.S. military facilities.

Brent is currently a member of the Chancellors Advisory Council for Washington State University Tri-Cities and the local United Way Board. He is a past member of the Tri-City Development Council Board of Directors, March of Dimes Board and former Chairman of the Board of Columbia Industries.

Brent holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Idaho, and a master’s degree in business administration from Regis University. He also completed the Reactor Technology Course for Utility Executives at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Utility Executive Course at the University of Idaho.

Energy Northwest is a joint operating agency serving the needs of public power by providing reliable, low-cost electricity while promoting public power activities in the region.  It has received numerous awards and recognition for its hiring of veterans, employee philanthropy and community service.  Energy Northwest was also recognized by the Association of Washington Business as the “2016 Employer of the Year” for its innovative job retention, creation and compensation plans that foster a thriving work environment.