Clay Norris

Photo: Clay Norris

​Power Management manager
Tacoma Power

Clay Norris was appointed Power Management manager in 2015 at Tacoma Power. In January 2019 Norris was appointed to the Energy Northwest Board of Directors.

He has more than 30 years of utility experience, most recently as an executive with Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA). At NEEA, Norris supported regional energy efficiency programs funded, in part, by Tacoma Power.

Norris has served on several regional and national boards and executive committees, including the North American Energy Standards Board, SERC, the North Carolina Transmission Planning Collaborative, Public Generating Pool and Public Power Council.

He has a B.A. in math and physics from Illinois College, a B.S. in electrical engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology and a MBA from the University of Illinois – Springfield.

Board of Directors Member Since 2019