FERC Filings

Biological Opinion

Biological opinion prepared by NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service March 2018​

Packwood Lake Intake Fish Entrainment Monitoring Plan April 2012

Water Quality Certification
401 Certification Order No. 6499 July 2009
Environmental Assessment
Final EA July 1, 2009
Draft EA February 5, 2009
Additional Information Request
AIR Cover Letter June 5, 2008
Avian Protection Plan June 2008
Packwood Lake Recreation Plan June 2008
Tailrace Water Temperature Monitoring and Enhancement Plan June 2008
Final License Application
FLA Cover Letter
Initial Statement and Exhibits A-D, G, and H
Appendices A-E
Preliminary License Proposal
PLP Appendicies
NOI Cover Letter
Supplemental Cover Letter
Notification of Intent
Supplemental Pre-Application Document
Scoping Document 1
Scoping Document 2
Appendix G Drawings
Process Plan
Interim Tailrace Feasibility Study
Clarification Regarding Waiver of Article 37
Lake Drawdown and Ramping Rate Plans
Revised ILP Timeline
Tailrace Fish Barrier
Tailrace Fish Barrier Letter
Tailrace Fish Barrier BA
Fish Screen Preliminary Drawings
Study Plans
Study Plan Reports Due Dates
Revised Amphibian Study Plan
Revised Anad Spawning Surveys Study Plan
Revised Bald Eagle Osprey Survey Study Plan
Revised Cultural Resources Study Plan Public Vision
Revised Engineering Needs Study Plan
Revised Engineering Study Tailrace Barrier Plan
Revised Fish Distrib and Species Comp Study Plan
Revised Fish Passage Barriers
Revised Fish Population Characterization Study Plan
Revised Geomorphology Tailrace Slough Study Plan
Revised Gravel Transport Study Plan
Revised Lake Creek Instream Flow Study Plan
Revised Large Wood Study Plan
Revised Noxious Weed Study Plan
Revised Packwood Lake Drawdown Study Plan
Revised Packwood Lake Entrainment Study Plan
Revised Rare Plant Study Plan
Revised Recreation Resources Study Plan
Revised Stream Connectivity Study Plan
Revised Tailrace Slough IFIM Study Plan
Revised Tailrace Slough Use by Anadromous Study Plan
Revised Veg Cover Type Study Plan
Revised Water Quality Study Plan
Study Plan Progress Reports/Meetings
Study Plan Progress Report - September 2006
Presentation on Engineering Needs for Roads
Presentation on Lake Creek Instream Flow
Presentation on Packwood Lake Entrainment Study
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