Statewide Support

Energy Northwest member utilities are showing their support for Columbia Generating Station and its employees by issuing resolutions calling for the continued operation of Columbia during its lifecycle. Columbia received a license extension from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in 2012 to operate through 2043.


Pacific County Public Utility District 2 commissioners were first to place their signatures behind the economic and environmental value of Columbia, followed March 28 by Benton and Franklin PUDs and Grant County PUD 2. Since then, six other members have issued resolutions. (Read more)Resolutions-fan.png


Governor’s 2017 Proclamation


Member Resolutions

Asotin County PUD

Benton PUD

Clallam County PUD

Ferry County PUD 1

Franklin County PUD

Grant County PUD 2

Grays Harbor County PUD 1

Kittitas PUD

Mason County PUD 1

Mason County PUD 3

Okanogan County PUD

Pacific County PUD 2

Snohomish County PUD

Skamania County PUD 1

Wahkiakum County PUD 


Other support for Columbia Generating Station

Washington State Democrat Party
Benton County Republican Party
Columbia Basin Electric Cooperative
TRIDEC (Tri-City Development Council)
Umatilla Electric Cooperative
WPUDA (Washington Public Utility Districts Association)