Lake Creek Habitat Restoration Project



Condition No. 7 - Lower Lake Creek Stream Restoration and Monitoring

Within two years of License issuance [license issued October 11, 2018], the Licensee must, in coordination and consultation with the USDA Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Marine Fisheries Service and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Washington Department of Ecology, and Tribes, and with approval by the USDA Forest Service, prepare a Lower Lake Creek Stream Restoration, Enhancement and Monitoring Plan for the portion of the Anadromous reach up to RM 1.0 and the upper reach of Lower Lake Creek extending from drop structure to about 1,464 ft downstream (RM 5.1 - 5.3), and file the plan with the Commission for approval. The primary goal of the plan is to restore and enhance anadromous and resident salmonid habitat in Lower Lake Creek by increasing rearing and spawning habitats. The primary objective for the Anadromous reach is to convert the existing plan-bed/step-pool channel into a wood and boulder forced step-pool system that more accurately reflects the natural channel form, function and processes appropriate for this reach. The primary objective for the isolated reach of Lower Lake Creek 1,464 ft below the drop structure is to increase small woody structure and spawning gravels for resident rainbow trout.