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Energy Northwest's annual member forum is an opportunity for public power member utilities to congregate and listen to speakers on regional and national energy events and issues; and discuss solutions to key challenges.
This year's Member Forum XVII - Balancing the NEW Energy Horizon was held Oct. 23-24 in Kennewick, Wash.


A diverse-set of topics were presented at this year's member forum. To view the presentations, see the links below.
General Sessions:
Member Forum XVII Opening Remarks
Sid Morrison, Energy Northwest Executive Board
Mark Reddemann, Energy Northwest
General session: Nuclear Energy Policy Horizon - State Task Force
Moderator: Brent Ridge, Energy Northwest
Panelists: Sen. Tim Sheldon, Chair; Sen. Sharon Brown; Rep. Jake Fey; and Rep. Shelly Short, Nuclear Energy Task Force
General session: The State of Small Modular Reactors - Western Initiative in Nuclear
Introduction: Sen. Sharon Brown
Moderator: Jim Gaston, Energy Northwest
Presenters: Doug Hunter, UAMPS;
Dale Atkinson, NuScale; and Gary Petersen, TRIDEC
Breakout sessions:
Breakout A: Navigating Utility Impacts from Solar Resources
Moderator: Robin Rego, Energy Northwest
Presenters: Rick Dunn, Benton PUD and Suzanne DuRard, Seattle City Light
Breakout B: Navigating Federal Energy Policy
Moderator: Mike Paoli, Energy Northwest
Presenters: Deborah Sliz, Morgan Meguire and George Caan, WPUDA
General session: On the Horizon: Energy Imbalance Market
General session: Baseload Generation and the Future Energy Horizon - global shifts in generation and the implications for U.S. carbon reduction goals
Presenter: Jim Conca, UFA Ventures
General session: Regional Energy Storage Initiatives
General session: Energy Services & Development Overview/Demand Response Pilot Project
Introduction: Jim Gaston, Energy Northwest
Presenters: John Wellschlager, BPA and John Steigers, Energy Northwest
Breakout sessions:
Breakout A: On the Horizon: Balancing Reliability with Aging Infrastructure
Moderator: Leo Quiachon, Energy Northwest
Presenters: Kevin Nordt, Grant PUD; Clint Whitney, City of Richland; and Ray Johnson, Cowlitz PUD
Breakout B: On the Horizon: Excellence in Givernance
Moderator: Angela Smith, Energy Northwest
Presenter: Brent Ridge, Energy Northwest

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