Alex Javorik

Vice President, Engineering

Alex Javorik joined Energy Northwest as vice president
of Engineering on Oct. 31, 2011. He has served in this position since joining the agency.

 During this period Columbia Generating Station’s industry ranking improved to exemplary and evaluation by the industry noted improvements made in equipment reliability.  

Prior to joining Energy Northwest, Mr. Javorik served as a senior evaluator at the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations.  

Prior to INPO, Mr. Javorik worked at Exelon for more than 30 years holding, a wide-range of positions including senior director of power uprate, Nuclear Oversight Performance Assessment director, Project Management director, Corporate Engineering director, Equipment Reliability High Intensity Team director, Midwest Region Engineering director and chief engineer of Plant Engineering. Additionally, he spent 16 years at the Byron Nuclear Generating Station where he held positions in Plant Engineering, Chemistry, Operations and Training.

Mr. Javorik holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering. He has also held a senior reactor operator license at Byron and has a vast variety of technical and managerial certifications and training.