Packwood Relicensing

Energy Northwest operates the 27.5-megawatt Packwood Lake Hydroelectric Project near the town of Packwood in Lewis County, Wash. The project is located on Lake Creek, a tributary to the Cowlitz River.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission licensed the project on July 7, 1960 (effective March 1, 1960). The initial license expired Feb. 28, 2010. In early 2010, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission provided notice that Packwood Lake Hydroelectric Project was granted a one year license renewal through Feb. 28, 2011, or until issuance of a new license for the project, whichever comes first. If issuance of a new license does not take place on or before Feb. 28, 2011, a new annual license is renewed automatically.

Energy Northwest filed a new license application in early 2008, pursuant to the Federal Power Act (FPA) and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regulations for the Integrated Licensing Process (ILP) at 18 CFR §5.18 and associated sections. Under the Integrated Licensing Process regulations, a license applicant must file a Preliminary Licensing Proposal (PLP). The PLP was submitted to FERC on Sept. 14, 2007. Contained in the PLP are results of 23 studies. Energy Northwest consulted extensively with the natural resource agencies and tribes who contributed to the development of the PLP and the numerous measures that are proposed for protection and enhancement for project resources. The PLP was submitted to FERC on Sept. 14, 2007. Energy Northwest submitted Notice of its Intent (NOI) and Pre-Application Document (PAD) on Nov.10, 2004.


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