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Nuclear energy brings value to the Northwest in a number of ways.
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C-Bullet.jpg Quick Facts

Boiling water reactor (nuclear)

Generating Capacity:

Approximately 1,190 megawatts
10 miles north of Richland, Wash.

Site Size:
~1,089 acres

C-History.jpg History

Construction Permit Issued:
March 1973
NRC Issued Plant Operating License:
December 1983
Operating License Expiration:
December 2043
First Electricity Produced:
May 1984
Commercial Operation:
December 1984
First Refueling Completed:
April 1986

C-Bullet.jpg Cost of Power

Projected Levelized
Cost of Power (2014-2043):
4.7 - 5.2 cents/kWh
Comparison Costs*: 
Natural Gas: 6 - 14 cents/kWh
Wind: 7 - 10 cents/kWh
Solar: 11 - 42 cents/kWh 
*Levelized costs according to the Energy Information Administration. Levelized cost represents the per kilowatt-hour cost (in real dollars) of building and operating a generating plant over an assumed financial life and duty cycle. Key inputs to calculating levelized costs include overnight capital costs, fuel costs, fixed and variable operations and maintenance costs, financing costs and an assumed utilization rate for each plant type.

NWPPA Bulletin August 2015
Nuclear energy in the Northwest:
today and tomorrow